January : : Free Printable Calendar & iPhone Wallpaper : : Nordic Style

Happy New Year my friends! It is officially 2013 and some very significant things happened (and did not happen) this year! Here is a re-cap:

  1. I married my best friend on August 4th! Best day of my life.
  2. I spent the entire year in beautiful California getting acclimated to the perfect and constant 70º weather. It was amazing but it sure made it difficult to visit my hometown in Central Illinois this holiday season. Brrrr!
  3. I started this blog! Slowly but surely I am gaining new followers! Thank you everyone!!!
  4. The world did not end. =) I would like to thank the Mayans for making a big deal about nothing…although the documentaries on this topic were entertaining…

Here are a few of my personal goals for 2013!

  1. Craft more! and of course post all of my tutorials here! (Not sure you have noticed…but have posted ZERO. I’m not happy about it)
  2. Be more conscious of my body and the nutrients I put into it.
  3. Be creative EVERY day! (This is what keeps me sane!)
  4. Wake up earlier on the weekdays and enjoy my mornings (instead of rushing around like a crazy person!)
  5. Continue to post my printable calendars and downloadable iPhone wallpapers each and every month! (Along with just posting more in general!)

And on that note…for the month of January, I’ve created a Nordic-style printable calendar and wallpapers! I love that the Nordic design is so clean, crisp!

To see some items with great Nordic designs, click the links below!

Fun, Nordic-Printed Antler from Etsy shop ZooKshop

Nordic-Printed Stone Coasters from Etsy shop ZNRDesign

Isleta Duvet Cover from Anthropologie

Oh, and happy early birthday to my husband! I won’t tell you how old he is turning (I know he appreciates that) but his birthday is on January 27th! Love you sweetheart!

Hope your 2013 is filled with love and laughter! Please come back soon and follow me on Pinterest by clicking the button below!

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See January’s free printable calendar and downloadable wallpapers below!


Free Printable Nordic Style January 2013 calendar by www.SparklingTwine.com
Click the image above for the PDF of the January 2013 calendar. A new window will open where you can print or save the PDF to your computer.

Nordic Style iPhone wallpaper by www.SparklingTwine.com!
Just right click and “Save As” to your computer or iPhone!

Nordic Style iPhone wallpaper by www.SparklingTwine.com!
Just right click and “Save As” to your computer or iPhone!