December : : Free Calendar & Downloadable Wallpaper! : : I Love You My Deer!

It’s beginning to look feel a lot like Christmas! 

With 30 degree temps here in Illinois, it is certainly beginning to feel a lot like winter! That means that decorating for the holidays is just around the corner and its bittersweet!

We have SO much to do around our new home that we purchased in October! Case in point: Painting (every single room), hardware changes, organizing everything, unpacking (yes..still), getting the nursery ready (yay!), furnace trouble (boo), filing and re-filing all sorts of paperwork…… this means that decorating for the holidays is waaaaaay at the bottom of the “real” priority list but, it’s on the top of the “feel good” priority list. (i.e. – I don’t really need to do these things, but it just makes my heart happy to do them and see them all pretty!)

So…my heart has won the battle and we are doing just *a little* decorating this year…just a tad.

On a different note, I have been so obsessed with doodling lately (mainly on my iPad), so I am sharing one of my pretties with you in the form of the downloadable December 2013 calendar and phone wallpaper (two versions!). A sweet, little deer!

Calendar – Click the image below to open a PDF of the December calendar. Print on letter size paper (cardstock is best, if you have it!)

December 2013 Calendar by - I love you my deer!

iPhone Wallpaper – Save to your phone and set as wallpaper!

December 2013 iPhone Wallpaper by - I love you my deer!
December 2013 iPhone Wallpaper by – I love you my deer!


December 2013 iPhone Wallpaper by - I love you my deer!

HAPPY, HAPPY HOLIDAYS & good luck in your holiday decorating!



Showers come in all shapes & sizes…

show·er  [shou-er] noun

  • a party given for a bestowal of presents of a specific kind, especially such a party for a prospective bride or prospective mother.

Many couples, men, women and mothers-to-be are showered with love, gifts and support by their families and friends, but not all showers are the same!

Just to name a few types of showers…

  • Lingerie Shower
  • Bridal Shower
  • Bridal Shower by Mail
  • Tool Shower
  • Around the Clock Showers
  • Around the House Showers
  • Couple Showers
  • Baby Shower
  • Gender Reveal Shower
  • House Warming Shower
  • …the list could go on and on.

Whatever your occasion, there is a perfect invitation to send to not only give your guests an idea of what to expect, but also give your guests additional information, show the style of the shower recipient or the party theme and to let guests know what type of gifts they are or are not asked to bring, Here are just a few shower invitations that I’ve designed recently…all different but all perfect for the occasion!

A Celebrations & Blessings by Mail Shower for the Bride that lives afar:


Bridal Shower By Mail Invitation

Classic Bridal Shower:

Brooke Bridal Shower Invitation

Monster Themed Baby Shower by Baby Boy:

Monster Baby Shower Invite 5x7

Lingerie Shower and Bachelorette Party Combination:

Megan Bachelorette 4x6


If you have a shower or party coming up and want the perfect invitation to go along with your theme or your recipients style…contact Sparkling Twine Design!


Watercolor Wedding Invitation Suite PLUS a 20% off coupon raffle!

I am so excited about this new wedding invitation suite! There is just something so sophisticated and beautiful about watercolor. It can be great for a casual or formal event!

Here is the Watercolor Wedding Invitation Suite! Head on over to the Design Services page to check out my other available designs and pricing.

After the jump…I will tell you about how you can win 20% off your next invitation or holiday card!

Watercolor Wedding Invitation Suite

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Thanks for stopping by! Happy Tuesday!



Free Printable Calendar & iPhone Wallpaper: : December!

Hello! Carissa here…I am wondering how in the world is it already December?

This year has just flown by and very soon it will be 2013 and we will start all over again…(sigh)This month I am very excited because my husband and I will be traveling home to Illinois (for you non-Midwesterners, the “s” is silent) to see our friends and family! This will be the first time that we have visited this year while not planning a wedding. (I will post on our wedding later…but just to give you a taste, I think my wedding planning mindset was “Let’s-see-how-many-important-wedding-items-I-can-DIY-while-working-full-time.” It was a success but a stressful one…)

Anyway, here is this month’s calendar and iPhone download! Yippee! If you have any suggestions for January’s downloads, please let me know!

Enjoy, Spread the Word & Happy Holidays!!!

Click the image above for the PDF of the "No Shave" November calendar. A new window will open where you can print or save the PDF to your computer.
Click the image above for the PDF of the December calendar. A new window will open where you can print or save the PDF to your computer.


December iPhone - Pink
Just right click and “Save As” to your computer or iPhone!

And in green!…

Just right click and "Save As" to your computer or iPhone!
Just right click and “Save As” to your computer or iPhone!