Free Printable Calendar & iPhone Wallpaper: : “No Shave” November

Hello, good morning and welcome to the happiest download you will ever see…! :-{o

“No Shave” November, for those that don’t know, is the one month of the year that men all over the world get to grow out thier facial hair with no repercussions from their wives, girlfriends or significant other. Some do it for charity, click here to see a few, others do it just so they can post pictures on Facebook of their “Sweet Stache.” Here is my husband’s….(which he will love me posting for you all to see)

SO…without further adieu…in honor of “No Shave” November, here is a free printable calendar and iPhone wallpapers!

Have a terrific day and come back soon!

Click the image above for the PDF of the “No Shave” November calendar. A new window will open where you can print or save the PDF to your computer.

Just right click and “Save As” to your computer or iPhone!

And another…

Just right click and “Save As” to your computer or iPhone!

My very first post…

Hello & welcome to Sparkling Twine! Lucky for both of us, you are here to view my very first post…and for this you get a free iPhone wallpaper!

But first…check out my “ABOUT” page (link at the top of this page) to find out a little bit about me!

Do you live in an area of the country where when winter rolls around, you are wishing for warmth? Well winter is just around the corner for some of you! I grew up in the Midwest and I know what it’s like for it to be February and desperately wish it would be summer!

So here’s a “hello sunshine” iPhone wallpaper to get you through the early winter months or just to cheer you up!