Happy Spring! I feel like doodling…

Happy 1st day of Spring everyone!

I know that everyone (all over the country) is ready for summer, swim suits, picnics, sun bathing, flip flops, barbecues and boating (are you drooling yet?) BUT we are stuck with Spring for now.

I know Spring doesn’t hold a candle to summer (in my eyes) but it is still so beautiful and much needed!

Today on my morning commute, I was able to sit down and I felt the need to doodle. (Who am I kidding though…I get this urge a lot) As I was looking outside at the gloomy sky, I actually felt appreciative of the gray clouds and looming rain. Here’s why…rainy, cloudy days like today really help us to appreciate the beautifully sunny ones. So here’s my inspirational doodle to love Spring and all it includes! (Rain, flowers, cute umbrellas, Easter, clouds, patterned rain boots, bright colors and the sun)

Happy Spring everyone!!!


Commuting Woes & Rewards : : Beautiful New Downloads!

Hello friends! How many of you commute for work? And no…I don’t mean a 15 minute easy-as-pie drive.

I mean the commute where if you don’t leave your house at a very specific time, you are likely to miss the last commuter train that will get you to work on time….most days I actually sprint to the station…

I take BART ([Bay Area Rapid Transit] every morning so my morning routine involves waking up (late usually,) then frantically gracefully searching for a weather appropriate ensemble and leaving my apartment at [literally] no later than 8:12am. But before I leave I need to make sure that I have the following items:
Umbrella (if needed of course…and considering San Francisco & the Bay Area, I can pretty much assume that I’ll need this most days from December through February)
Rain boots (same as above)
• My clipper card (the card I use to pay for my train fare every morning and night…a whopping $5.00 each way)
• An appropriate coat/jacket
• My make-up….(I am usually running so late that I have to do my make up on the train…which is really fun considering the amount of people that ride BART and more importantly, the really attractive faces I make while applying make-up…)
Scarf (Year round..Remember people, we are talking about San Francisco here…)

Anyway, so you are probably wondering “Ok, Carissa…why you are telling me this?”… WELL because my commute is 35 minutes each way, 70 minutes total…which gives me plenty of time to play around on my new favorite app and make you some new beautiful iPhone wallpapers!

The app is called “Collage Day” and it is adorable! Check it out at the Apple Store by clicking here! In the meantime, download one (or all) of my adorable iPhone wallpapers I made!



Right click to “Save As” to your computer or iPhone.
Right click to “Save As” to your computer or iPhone.
Right click to “Save As” to your computer or iPhone.
Right click to “Save As” to your computer or iPhone.
Right click to “Save As” to your computer or iPhone.
Right click to “Save As” to your computer or iPhone.