DIY Kraft Paper Flower & Chalkboard Art!

Hello Ladies & Gentleman! (Ok…mainly ladies…)

Last weekend, I was on a roll…crafting my little heart out. A few things I am very excited to share with you are my DIY Kraft Paper Flower and my very first chalkboard art!

So I will start with the chalkboard design…this particular design came from one of my many pins on Pinterest. (Follow me here!) Here is the original pin from firstsnowfall’s Etsy page. 

Audrey Hepburn Original Chalkboard Design

 firstsnowfall’s Etsy page

This design was perfect! I absolutely love the font, the quote AND the overall design. I have always wanted to re-create a beautiful design like this one onto my chalkboard. SO…what did I do? Bought a chalkboard, some chalk, grabbed this image from my Pinterest board and spent 2-3 hours re-creating this masterpiece. [This took long enough for my husband to watch 3 or 4 episodes of MTV’s Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory…if you haven’t seen it…it’s probably not worth watching. I mean, it’s entertaining sure, but has little plot and lots of guy appeal…aka farting, scare tactics on poor, innocent people, loud engines, etc.]

Anyway, I hunkered down on the floor and just did my best to re-create it. It’s not perfect by any means but that’s what gives it character! Here is my final design:

Chalkboard Re-creation by

 Chalkboard Re-creation & DIY Kraft Paper Flower by

See that adorable kraft paper flower on the wall? Well I am going to show you how I made it!

It all started with a pillow design I saw somewhere…(assumingly looking at Pinterest on my long morning commute…) it was a felt, layered flower design that I completed a few months back. Here’s my pillow that has a very similar concept…it sits on my vintage sitting chair in our living room and gives me so much joy to see it every day!

Felt Flower Pillow by

Alright, back to the kraft paper flower tutorial I promised. You will need the following items:

  • Approximately 10 sheets of Cardstock weight Kraft paper [I bought a pack of 25 sheets for $6.00 here]
  • Scissors
  • Heavy weight paper/poster board for you back piece. I used a 9″x9″ piece of leftover poster board
  • Some type of glue [I used hot glue, but tape or regular glue would work fine]

DIY Kraft Paper Flower by

First step, take 5 sheets of your cardstock Kraft paper, fold them in half “hamburger style.” Cut leaf shapes out of each folded sheet, this will give you 2 leaves per sheet and a total of 10 large leaves.

Next step, take 3 sheets of your cardstock Kraft paper, fold them in half “hamburger style” and then again “hamburger style.” Each folded sheet should now be four layers thick. Cut a leave shape out of each double folded sheet, this will give you 4 leaves per sheet and a total of 12 small leaves.

The next two steps are the most fun and so easy! Lay down your 9″x9″ sheet of poster board or other heavy weight paper and glue your 10 large leaves around the edge to form the round, outer layer and your main shape of your flower. I didn’t put a lot of thought into my gluing, jsut a dab here, a dab there. Whatever would get the leaves to stick.

DIY Kraft Paper Flower by

Next, you essentially repeat the previous step with the smaller leaves in the inner part of the flower. I didn’t use all 12 of my small leaves, I just played with them until I was happy with the final result.

DIY Kraft Paper Flwoer by

Last and final step, cut a small circle out of your cardstock Kraft paper [mine was about 3″ in diameter] and glue right in the center!

I am so happy with how this project turned out, it’s easy, simple and pretty!

Chalkboard Re-Creation & DIY Kraft Paper Flower by

Come back soon for my next tutorial…a vintage-inspired wrap shirt! Thanks for stopping by! Please spread the word and follow me on my blog or on Pinterest! See you soon!