Our Cottage

We live in a house near the woods that was built in 1940. We love it. It’s a lot of work…but it’s adorable.

When looking for houses online in Summer 2013, we saw a lot of houses that weren’t “us” (ok…they weren’t “me.”) Other houses were just missing something…character, coziness…my husband would claim that some houses we looked at were haunted (eye roll.) I walked into (what is now) our home, and knew it was the one. There were vines hand-painted on 60% of the surfaces in the kitchen (ceiling included), an entire wall in the dining room was hand-painted to look like bright red brick, half of the rooms had the ceiling and the walls all painted the same musty color…but it was PERFECT!

My husband said “This is going to be a lot of work” and “We will have to re-paint every room in this house!” and “Are you sure you want to live by the woods?” I thought he was crazy, because this was OUR house, I knew it! One year later and…this house has been a lot of work, we have had to (or will) re-paint every room in the house, and I’m not crazy about living next to the woods (bugs…gross)

Will I tell my husband he was right? Nope. Was he right? …I plead the fifth.

Our little cottage in the woods…

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