Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Browsing through my page, you will see my sewing inspirations, completed craft projects, design projects and pictures of my crazy life.


My name is Carissa, I love to create beautiful design work and crafts. Here’s a bit more about me…

I lived in California for almost 3 years and it was amazing (expensive…but truly the best years of my young adult life.) My husband and I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, we traveled and witnessed beautiful and breathtaking scenery, it was awesome. We moved back home to Central Illinois in early 2014 to pursue purchasing a home and starting a family. Do I miss California? Absolutely, but I love being close to family and friends. I do believe that I am a hippie at heart…so maybe someday we will be back to the West Coast.

In addition to know our know our true “inner-Hippie” we became winos…and foodies.

We have a baby boy named Ollie, he is as ornery as he is adorable. I am already bracing myself for the craziness that is raising a boy. How can such a tiny person have SO much energy and be SO loud?!

I have always loved to create. Create ANYTHING. I learned to sew when I was about 12 (I made purses for my friends as a holiday gifts) and ever since, I have always tried sewing any project I am inspired by. My philosophy is…if I know how to wear it or use it…then I’m sure I can make it. Right? Not always. I’ve had my fair share of botched sewing projects, but that never stops me from trying again!

Invitations and cards are fun and pretty, which is why I love to design them! There is just something about opening up your mailbox to a pretty card or invitation and hanging it on your fridge for a few weeks! I have experience designing custom wedding invitation suites, holiday cards, save the dates…and invitations for many other types of events! Interested in a one-of-a-kind design? Have a design in mind but don’t know how to create it yourself? I am flexible and am happy to help no matter your inspiration!

I am a chronic re-decorator. My name is Carissa and I have a problem. I am constantly changing up the decorations in our home…on a dime (literally sometimes) and on a whim. I am also a thrifter, meaning that if I can find something for next to nothing, my day has been made! The two of these things together though…make for a lot of work and creativity. Wreaths, table décor, wall art, nursery décor…I get bored of it all so I make my own!

I use my own life as inspiration for my crafts; recently my son has gone through a long few months of teething (and two teeth to show for it!)  I made him some wooden teethers to help ease his pain; I wanted to make something that was for natural pain relief, easily washable and without harsh chemicals. It seems that other mamas had the same idea because I had a lot of requests to sell!

e-mail me at carissa.n.brown@gmail.com

check out my design page!

check out my wooden teether page!

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