Showers come in all shapes & sizes…

show·er  [shou-er] noun

  • a party given for a bestowal of presents of a specific kind, especially such a party for a prospective bride or prospective mother.

Many couples, men, women and mothers-to-be are showered with love, gifts and support by their families and friends, but not all showers are the same!

Just to name a few types of showers…

  • Lingerie Shower
  • Bridal Shower
  • Bridal Shower by Mail
  • Tool Shower
  • Around the Clock Showers
  • Around the House Showers
  • Couple Showers
  • Baby Shower
  • Gender Reveal Shower
  • House Warming Shower
  • …the list could go on and on.

Whatever your occasion, there is a perfect invitation to send to not only give your guests an idea of what to expect, but also give your guests additional information, show the style of the shower recipient or the party theme and to let guests know what type of gifts they are or are not asked to bring, Here are just a few shower invitations that I’ve designed recently…all different but all perfect for the occasion!

A Celebrations & Blessings by Mail Shower for the Bride that lives afar:


Bridal Shower By Mail Invitation

Classic Bridal Shower:

Brooke Bridal Shower Invitation

Monster Themed Baby Shower by Baby Boy:

Monster Baby Shower Invite 5x7

Lingerie Shower and Bachelorette Party Combination:

Megan Bachelorette 4x6


If you have a shower or party coming up and want the perfect invitation to go along with your theme or your recipients style…contact Sparkling Twine Design!


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