Blogging Hiatus

Hi Friends!

Did I disappear for awhile? Sorry about that…it has been a CRAZY few months! Here is a recap of a few exciting things that happened…

  • Nate and I moved (and took a great road trip) from Walnut Creek, California to Central Illinois. Read more about our road trip HERE.


  • My baby brother graduated from high school! Congratulations Jacob!!!IMG_6643e
  • My husband and I have been spending many hours with three adorable kiddos. My mom and step-dad foster a 3-yr old, 2-yr old and (almost) 7 month old. They are tons of fun and so sweet! Here are a few pictures that I took of the three musketeers last week…

IMG_6682e IMG_6690eIMG_6724e IMG_6741e IMG_6768e IMG_6796e

  • I have also been keeping myself occupied with wedding crafts for friends as well as another venture I’ve been working on. More (exciting) news to come soon so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by and come back now y’all!

Please MAKE ME SO HAPPY and leave me a wonderful comment below! I will be so excited to see your feedback!



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