2,458 miles…

Good afternoon readers!

My husband & I recently moved from Walnut Creek, California back to Central Illinois! We took a 6-day road trip on the way back and saw some beautiful things along the way! Click here to see our exact (2,458 mile) route!

We had a fun, little goal to not stay in a “chain hotel” on any night and we even tried to keep the cost under $50.00 per night! Yelp is terrific.

Here is a little tid-bit about each unique (and even wacky) hotel/motel where we stayed…

  • Scott Shady Court, Winnemucca, NV – Nate and I suspect that this property used to be some sort of military housing. It seemed to be straight from the 60’s and we loved it! $45 per night plus a fun experience! IMG_3906
  • Gas Lite Motel, Laramie, WY – This place had the most ridiculous décor! Horse/bison/bear statues, cowboy figures and paraphernalia, etc. Go ahead and check out the link to see more of the craziness… $50 per night.IMG_3939
  • Armstrong Hotel, Fort Collins, CO – This was our “splurge day” in Fort Collins. We spent an entire day (not driving) and seeing all of the breweries and fun sights we could! The Armstrong was a great recommendation from a couple we knew in California. IMG_3971
  • Big Sky Lodge, Rapid City, SD – We were one of two patrons at this lodge the night we stayed. (South Dakota’s “busy season” starts Memorial Day, and we were there just a few weeks before) The view at this place was gorgeous…South Dakota in general is gorgeous…we even saw Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse while we were here!!! $35 per night.IMG_4024

On the last night, we drove ALLLLL the way from Rapid City, SD to Eureka, IL (892 miles) to avoid a snow storm…..guess what? We drove through a snow storm….in the middle of the night….when the truck drivers weren’t even crazy enough to be out! One of the most stressful 4 hours of my life. (Yes…4 hours. I am surprised I didn’t have a heart attack)

The good news is that we made it all the way home in one piece! Our moms were thrilled!

AND NOW…COMES A PICTURE EXPLOSION OF OUR 2,458 MILE ROAD TRIP! Enjoy and please try not to fall asleep before you get to the end of the page… 😀




(The alien-like salt flats and the beautiful Salt Lake)


↓ Salt flats….not snow! ↓

IMG_3917 IMG_3924


(Lots of fields, beautiful scenery & a crazy motel)

IMG_4428 IMG_4429

IMG_6495e  IMG_6498eIMG_6499e  IMG_6502e IMG_3936 IMG_4009


(Fort Collins – New Belgium Brewery, Bike ride around the city, beer, beer & more beer!)

IMG_3949  IMG_3952 IMG_4430 IMG_3954 IMG_4432 IMG_4431  IMG_3968 IMG_3969  IMG_3992 IMG_3993


(Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Badlands National Park, Wall Drug)

IMG_4433 IMG_4434 IMG_4435  IMG_6526eIMG_4436IMG_4030 IMG_4037 IMG_4051 IMG_6638eIMG_4438

These bizarre pictures were all taken in Wall Drug. A crazy, bizarre, cluttered, yet hilarious tourist trap…


My very attractive husband riding a jackalope…

IMG_6583e IMG_6578eIMG_4437

Want to see my descriptions for some of these pictures? View them on Instagram by clicking the following link!


Please MAKE ME SO HAPPY and leave me a wonderful comment below! I will be so excited to see your feedback!



2 thoughts on “2,458 miles…

  1. You two enjoy each other and enjoy the country side. Who else would make a vacation out of a cross country move. Your travel log was way out. We plan on going west to Fort Collins this summer, but housing Gramma in a $45.00 motel, that may be a stretch. Gramps

    1. Looks like you two had a great adventure. We are so glad that you are back home, though. There are many more adventures in your future, I
      am sure. Mom

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