April : : Free Printables & Downloadable Wallpapers! : : Put a Bird On It…

Happy April Fools Day!I hope you got to play a few tricks on family members, co-workers or unsuspecting strangers today! I’m not into the whole “tricking” thing…I feel like Karma will come back and get me if I try anything at all! Plus I’m married to a if-you-get-me-I’ll-get-you-worse kind of guy…and I surely don’t want to start a prank war with the hubbie! Who knows what he would do to my make-up or hair products (and we certainly don’t want him messing with those!)

Anyway, I wanted to share a fun site with you all! It’s called Pic Monkey! [www.picmonkey.com] I just discovered this site recently and it’s so fun! Chalkboard designs are all the craze now and sometimes you just don’t have the time or patience to sit down and physically draw on a chalkboard. Well…this site has lots of great fonts and all you have to do is download this chalkboard background, upload it to Pic Monkey and design away!


Or if you aren’t interested in designing your own chalkboard design, I have created a few for you to download! Free of charge, my gift to you…don’t mention it 🙂

Oh, one more thing, I know that my hubbie gives me a hard time about a) being terrified of birds and b) buying notebooks, candle holders, clothes, home decor and making crafts all with birds on them. When I made the second design, I knew the hubbie would get a good laugh especially when he remembers the Portlandia skit “Put a Bird On It.” The skit is hysterical…it’s 2 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back…but it will certainly give you a chuckle. Click HERE to watch it! You’ll thank me later…

spring-is-iphone-wallpaper spring-is-printable
who-lives-sees-iphone-wallpaper who-lives-sees-printable

Not only do I have those beautiful chalkboard designs for you but I also have the April 2013 Printable Calendar and Downloadable iPhone Wallpaper for you! These make me so happy…there is just something so fun about polka dots and floral! (Oh, and there is a white version for those of you who don’t enjoy polka dots as much as I do…shame on you!) Enjoy!

Calendar – Print on letter size paper (cardstock if you have it!)

April 2013 Calendar - BlueDot April 2013 Calendar - White

iPhone Wallpaper – Save to your phone and set as wallpaper!

April-iphonewallpaper-bluedot April-iphonewallpaper-white

I hope your Easter weekend was full of love, joy and good food!

Come back soon!


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