March : : Free Printable Calendar & iPhone Wallpaper : : Simple Life of Cross Stitch & Luck

Good morning! It is beautiful outside all across the country. It’s beautifully sunny and green here in the Bay Area, I hear it’s amazingly warm in Florida and I also here that there’s a gorgeous blanket of snow layering the Midwest (or maybe it’s stained gray by now, but it was definitely white and beautiful when it fell earlier this week.)  

First off, I know that I have been pretty absent on the blog lately…I’m sorry. We have been pretty busy traveling and working lately! My next post will be all about an AMAZING surprise weekend getaway I took my hubby on in late January….to Big Sur!

If you have no idea what or where Big Sur is…just wait until you see the pictures because it is BREATHTAKING! And it was a great relief to get away from all of the traffic and the people that we’re used to in the Bay Area.

So anyway, I have really been missing home and the simple life of Illinois lately, so I tried to mend by homesickness a bit when creating the March downloads. (Dear Illinois, I use the term “simple” in the most flattering, envious way, I promise!) Many times when I went over to friends’ houses, I remember  seeing a hanging frame holding a beautifully stitched rendition of their family name.

I wish I had the patience to cross stitch…or learn how to cross stitch even, but I don’t right now…maybe sometime in the future.

My first virtual cross stitch project was the March calendar and wallpapers. Hope you enjoy your downloads and that you feel lucky throughout the entire month of March!!!

See March’s free printable calendar and downloadable wallpapers below!


March 2013 Cross Stitch Calendar by
Click the image above for the PDF of the March 2013 calendar. A new window will open where you can print or save the PDF to your computer.

March iPhone Wallpaper by
Just right click to “Save As” to your computer or hold to save to your iPhone!

March iPhone Wallpaper by
Just right click to “Save As” to your computer or hold to save to your iPhone!

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