Holidays with Family & Friends

My husband and I went home to Central Illinois this holiday season for 10 whole days! It was the first time in 16 months we had gone home and didn’t have to worry about planning a wedding! It was relaxing, full of happiness and terrific =)

So for a lot of people, it is probably a battle to be home for the holidays and running around from one Christmas to another but I am very lucky to have a terrific mother-in-law and a wonderful mother! They are always very courteous when scheduling holiday get-togethers so they don’t coincide with one another…makes it very easy for the hubby and I. We are very lucky.

During this trip, I spent a lot of my time cuddling my mom and step-dad’s new little foster baby boy/two toddler foster girls, they are so sweet and all three have already made it into the hearts of our big family!

I was so excited to see my friends and their growing kiddos! I can’t believe they are all walking (everywhere) and talking (a little bit anyway.) It gives me mixed emotions to see how much they’ve grown while I’ve been all the way out in California! [Happy] because they are growing up to be such great kiddos and well…they can’t stay tiny, little babies forever & [Sad] because I’m not there for key points in their lives. I just want to have a good relationship with all of my nieces and nephews even if they live 2,000 miles away =(

Nate & I are also very blessed with a terrific group of friends! We had such a great time playing board games, watching movies and having good yet possibly controversial discussions. Within the past two months, two of our couple friends got engaged and we are SO happy! Can’t wait for your big days!!!

So anyway, here’s some entertaining pictures for you. My mom and I prepared some Christmas themed Minute-To-Win-It games for our Christmas get together this year. We based all of our games from a great blog I found, although you can find these all over the internet and Pinterest. Here are a few pictures from the festivities:

Game 1: See how many nuts you can stack on end in 60 seconds using only a candy cane as a tool


Game 2: See how many levels of plastic cups you can pyramid stack in 30 seconds (we had to change the time since we didn’t have enough cups)


Game 3: You put a blob of vaseline on your nose, tie a pom pom to a string, put one end of the string in your mouth andbe the first to get the pom pom on your nose without using an hands!


My cousin, Andy, actually won the game but couldn’t get the pom pom to stick for the picture!


Game 4: See how many ornaments you can balance on a yard stick that is balanced on a used paper towel roll in 60 seconds


Game 5: This one is my favorite…see all of the hilarious pictures below and you will know why!

Put a cookie on your forehead and get it to your mouth first without using any hands!

IMG_5651 IMG_5648 IMG_5646

This was not one of the games we played, this is just my crazy cousin, Ben, using his ear as a Christmas tree!


After everyone was done making fools of themselves, we took some family pictures. We had everyone from our family all in one house (which doesn’t happen all that often) so we did the typical grandkids and family pictures. SOMEONE (ah-hem Andy) had the terrific idea of putting together an awkward family picture with random members of each family. So without further adieu…our weird and akward family photos…and yes I realize these are nothing more than for our own bizarre entertainment! =)





Thanks for stopping by Sparkling Twine! Have a great weekend!!!

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